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How Do You Maintain Software Licenses (Simple Guide)

How Do You Maintain Software Licenses

Software licensing management refers to the tools and processes used by an organization to keep track of and document its software licenses in accordance with the developer’s standards.

Software audits are a common occurrence for many businesses. Companies must perform internal and external audits launched by software providers to assure compliance. It is a complex process that you can easily hack if you follow due diligence.

Learn More on How to Maintain Software Licenses

The tools and methods used by an organization to manage and document its software licenses to maintain compliance with the developer’s specifications refer to software license management.

With this, you keep track of your company’s software assets and usage while following closely on the licenses and contracts that go along with it. You also optimize your licensing, minimize costs, and protect your future software investment with comprehensive visibility into your company’s software usage.

You need tools and solutions for cloud cost management in addition to controlling and reporting on your on-premises licensing environment. This is as the worldwide cloud computing market surpassed $200 billion market share by 2019.

A Summary of What Software Licenses Management is About

Software license management foundation What it does
Agreement/compliance Compliance is a powerful tool for managing costs, risks, and complexity.
Optimize Know what’s in your licenses and how you’re using them to maximize their value.
Savings Software Asset Management insights help you save money and time on software licensing.

Best Approach for Software Licenses Management

Businesses can make more innovative software licensing decisions that reduce expenses and safeguard the company’s investment when they have a software license management plan in place. These are the best approaches.

Documenting and Tracking Procurement Process

It’s critical to know who and how each business unit purchases software. Thus, please keep track of licenses and certificates by establishing regular procedures for acquiring and preserving them.

Organize and Clean Up Your Licenses

Develop a central license inventory and move all licensing agreements and software maintenance contracts here. The inventory should:

  • Make it easy to locate license documents and information
  • Show details of the individuals and processes responsible for it
  • Learn the metrics of your licenses for you to calculate the number of licenses needed.

Organize Your Software

Using your inventory tools, learn what software is in your environment. Label it to ensure that you can match a license to a programme.

Check Software Use

Learn how software title and configuration are done and accessed while at it. You learn how much stuff you own and how it is put to use.

Regular Software and Licensing Inventory Update

Consider your IT environment and usage habits when deciding on a licensing strategy for your software. Do this:

  • Have a tracker to see new users downloading, upgrading or entering the cloud using specific software titles
  • Keep a record of new software and license purchase


Having a clear mind and plan on maintaining software licensing makes the whole process easy. The tips shared above are a perfect guide to bettering operations in your company.


How can you tell if your software licensing strategy is working?

Have Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for your software license management systems to track the progress.

Is software licensing handled by a third-party vendor?

IT Asset Management handles software licensing.