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What is Software Pricing (How it works + more)

What is Software Pricing

Any commercially available application incorporating capabilities for automated pricing analysis and optimization qualify as software pricing. They aid enterprises in their pricing selections.

You may make or break your business with your software pricing strategies. A great tip in running a business is re-evaluating your pricing in the long run because it has a trickle-down effect. Reasonable pricing keeps you on a prolific competitive edge and informs software design too.

What is Software Pricing?

Software pricing is any commercially accessible application that includes tools for automating pricing analysis and optimization. It also includes execution features to aid organizations in their attempts to make effective pricing decisions.

Pricing software is available in a wide variety of forms. Businesses are seeking ways to incorporate these applications into their IT infrastructure to sustain management’s advances in the long run.

How Does Software Pricing Work?

Pricing models work through a unique design that attracts people to buy with as little controversy as possible. For you to create a selling model that is both practical and long-term, you must have a firm grasp on the logistics of evaluating consumption by focusing on the following:

  • Analytical tools for pricing
  • Optimization of pricing

Tips to Formulate Software Pricing

Software Licensing

When you license software, you allow someone else to use it. Product Managers set the terms of use. License software has the advantage of generating revenue up front, which provides a one-time boost to the bottom line.

The disadvantage is that you risk developing a weak bond with your customers.

Software Subscription

An end-user services agreement specifies access permissions and terms of use for utilizing the service and replaces the End User Licensing Agreement (EULA) on this one.

Metering of usage determines the Value of subscription services over time through the following modalities.

  • Freemium subscription
  • Recurring fee usage
  • Management of revenue

Services to Offer

When thinking about software pricing, think more on the lines of product services and not services.

 Summary of Software Pricing Services to offer

Software pricing service What it offers
Installation Setup, installation or fees are common for B2B services that need the usage of proprietary systems to get the service up and running.
Repair and maintenance Maintenance fees linked to licensed software, give a right to receive new versions, upgrades, and bug fixes.
Technical support It lays out access to knowledge base on how to get help.
Client retention Paying for customer success helps cloud service providers increase their customer lifetime value (CLV) and the company’s reputation.

How to Price Software

There are two main principles to follow in pricing software.

Pricing based on cost

Establish the cost of service or product delivery based on a business plan with predicted revenues. The price must be above gross margin goals.

Pricing based on Value

Find out what competitors are offering, their discounts, and what holds these discounts. It gives you a better perspective on your pricing and, more likely, an advantage.


The software pricing approaches above provide an easy method to implement your pricing plan. A well-executed pricing strategy gives you a due advantage in the market.


What factors affect the pricing software?

Cost of production, market location, competition, market conditions, and product quality affect pricing.

In pricing, what are the five C’s?

They are clients, cost, channels of distribution and compatibility.