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What is a software license generator? (Types, Functions + More)

What is a software license generator

 A software license generator is software that generates unique license keys which buyers can use to verify and authenticate their legal purchase. The purpose of the software license generator is to discourage pirating and protect the buyer.

A software license generator can be a software, web-based service, or programming code designed to generate license keys randomly. The purpose of these keys is to prefect software from being used illegally or, instead, pirated. Only users with the license to the given software can access and use the program or service that software developers and companies provide. Sometimes, the software license generator can provide additional tasks such as verification and management.

Types of software license generator

It is vital to differentiate between a software license and the license key. When an individual or a company purchases the software, they must pay for the desired licensing scheme suitable to their needs. The number of users, the company’s needs, and the software type are some factors that determine the kind of licenses issued. Equally, this keeps individual or company software safe from authorized use.

It is worth noting that there is a difference between a software license and a software license key. The former refers to a legally binding document with guidelines about the use and distribution of the software. The license key is a token that verifies that the user is the legitimate paying customer. The software license is what you purchase to acquire the software, but you need a license key to access the software entirely. Essentially, it generates language in a software license that stipulates how a given software can be legally used and includes the number of users.

Functions of a software license generator

Function Details
Providing licensing information Software licensing platforms provide a mechanism that generates authentic software licenses reflecting the vendor’s stipulations regarding the rights that the customer and the vendor have.
Stipulting terms of use The user must agree to the terms of use and distribution under the End-User License Agreement before purchasing.
Identfy legal user The unique series of numbers and letters identify a legal user of the software application. In all cases, access to the key requires one to purchase the specific software.
Allowing access to software One has to insert the software license-generated keys which may or may not require an internet connection. Even so, not all license schemes are 100 percent secure.


The software license generator is what gives software or web service providers licenses that correctly determine who the legal users are. Without a license generator, they can’t make the desired profit from authentic buyers due to pirating


Why is licensing important?

Licenses hold individuals and businesses accountable for their behavior and activities after purchasing the software from a company.

What are examples of software licenses?

The single-user license entails a single user, and one computer, and the multi-user license allows you to install the program onto multiple computers to allow many users.